A few updates.  

-808 now has a paypal for ordering over the internet.  Send money to  Please be sure to send me an email as well letting me know what you want and all, I might not notice if you send me a paypal, but I check the email everyday.

-We now have a facebook page where things get updated much more frequently.

It’d be a big help to us if you liked us on there just so we could have a better understanding of how many people are checking it out.  We sure as hell aren’t trying to data mine you though, so we understand if you don’t wanna.

-Tapes have been sent out to some zines/blogs and hopefully we’ll have some reviews to post soon enough.

-Shirts are done.  In typical DIY fashion they were spraypaint stenciled on used shirts from the Social Service League.  Shirts are $5 and I posted them all on the facebook page.  Send me an email for any more info at

808NY005 - Kind Horse - Looking Forward as Always

Well, we’ve got a new release this week.  This one is from locals Kind Horse.  Each side is a live show played in Lawrence, KS.  Side one is at the Lawrence Percolator’s Pass the Hat event last month put on by Craig Comstock.  The second is from the Noise Ordinance night at the 8th Street Taproom.  

Kind Horse offers improvisational rock and roll, heavy and dark. said their set at Percolator was “a set that was sometimes jarring, sometimes coming together harmoniously but always seemingly developing organically in the moment.”  Finally something new in the Lawrence scene.  Pick it up at Love Garden for 4 bucks!

A few projects in the works, but not much to say

I swear this label is doing something.  A new free improvisation/noise band has been playing for a while and is ready to release a tape or two coming up.  Monzie Leo wants to re-release the tape he did up in the Cascades here in bigger numbers.  I must say, that makes me pretty excited.  I liked the tape we put out a lot, but this next Monzie tape is somehow even more killer.  

A Residential Duo/Trio track is up on soundcloud and we should have some youtube links coming up soon as well.  

Residential Duo - Single Issue Voter by 808NewYork

808NY05  Monzie Leo & The Big Sky

Here it is!  Monzie’s first release.  Folk tunes reminiscent of Stull graveyard itself.  

Available on “Pepsi” blue cassettes.  Run of 100.  Available at Love Garden Sounds, or shoot me an email and we’ll hook up.

Finally found enough shelf space.

Monzie Leo & Gobbledespuk

We’ve finally got the Monzie Leo tape tied down.  Got the test tape in yesterday, gave it a listen today, and it should be sent out by early next week.  It’s taken quite a while to get it to this point, but It’ll be well worth the wait.

As I sit here updating the website the Gobbledespuk tapes are being duplicated right next to me.  If all goes well they should be available in a few days.  If not it may be a week or two.  

Check out the Soundcloud for previews from both of these tapes.  

The Shamans Tape is Officially Here!!

808NY002:  The Shamans - Carbon Dating

Self-released by the band in 2005 as a 5 track EP.  Now you can hear this banging rock trio in all it’s glory with 5 extra tracks!  Don’t miss out!  A Release like this is exactly why I started a label.

Catchy Rock N’ Roll straight from a country house in Douglas County.  A three piece with Braden Young (Magentlemen, Hello Biplane) on guitar, Jim Piller (Magentlemen, Clockwork) on bass, and Chris Demby on drums.  Original Lawrence, KS rock with bitchin guitars, wailing vocals, and songs about the end of the world.  Buy this tape if you:  Like awesomely written songs, Anthropology, want it in a bag.

Now available through me and at Love Garden!  

Price is 5 bucks, and comes with a mini 808NY sticker.

Check out two preview tracks on our Media page or under the Releases page.  

*I haven’t gotten a way to buy tapes on the website yet, so you’ll have to email me and we’ll just figure it out.

Shamans Test Tape

The Shamans test tape arrived and has been approved.  Hopefully it will be in Lawrence by next week and at Love Garden and available from me for 5 bucks!